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Service Descriptions-West Virginia

Omega Health Services (OHS) provides employment and community-based services to peoples with disabilities and seeks to increase the community’s awareness of the employment capabilities of those individuals.  OHS supports people with disabilities to develop a career path and acquire and retain competitive employment.  By working with OHS, individuals and employers benefit from successful experiences in a variety of settings including private sector, government and nonprofit agencies.



Assessments and Training

Individuals are exposed to Community and Work-Based Assessments to identify vocational interests, capabilities and challenges. These evaluations determine the individual’s level of vocational competence and the specific programming needs of the individual. Situational assessments are conducted in various workplace settings that meet the individuals’ interests.


Vocational Specialist

A Vocational Specialist provides employment related services and can assist with job searches, application and resume development, interview skills and further job training.  The Vocational Specialist will work with possible employment opportunities to job match to individuals.  The Vocational Specialist works with various employers to provide employees with various skills needed to obtain gainful employment.



Placement and Job Coaching!

The Individual is an employee of the business.  A Vocational Specialist, who is employed by an approved vendor of supported employment services, provides ongoing support services.  The Vocational Specialist typically provides the individual with initial job skill training on an intensive one-to-one basis for the entire workday or based on the needs of the individual.  The Vocational Specialist gradually decreases supports, as the individual becomes more proficient and independent.  Optimally, a system of “natural supports”, that is support by the employer, coworkers, family and friends is developed within the workplace and community.

Service Descriptions!

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