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Need a Job? We can Help!

Navigating disAbility Employment can be difficult, but what about re-Employment?

Millions of Americans will not work this week. Not to "work-from-home" or relax, but because they have no other option. Varying circumstances will make it nearly impossible to return to work--at least any time soon.

That would leave us in a precarious position. In one perspective, some people are earning more money collecting additional benefits. While others are struggling to maintain their former lifestyles. To be clear, they're isn't a shortage in Jobs. In fact--quite the contrary.

As social distancing forces industries to adapt with the new guidelines, and multiple states are phasing to resume some sort of "normalcy" back into our eyes-- some responses aren't what you'd expect. Some Client's have been laid off, or furloughed, while others refuse to maintain employment due to very valid health concerns. However, some Clients have maintained their employment, at-will and at-leisure. Here's a clue: Click Here

Omega Health Services specializes in Disability Employment opportunities within the Community. As a Community Resource Provider, we assist persons with disabilities, seek, gain and maintain employment. We'd be happy to chat about service opportunities currently available.

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