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Just Diagnosed? Congratulations!! 🎊

Hi there! I’m Dan with Omega Health, and today we’ll dive into the Celebration of Autism!

As we Journey through Mental Health Awareness Month with you, we’ll be discussing some highlights of Mental Health!

Today’s focus takes us through the emotions and reasons behind celebrating Autism—it all starts with a Diagnosis! 🌎

As early as the 1940s , we can trace the very Genesis of Autism Research and Inclusivity! From believing that “parenting” was the cause of Autism...to the 1980s where “The Me Book”, written by Oli Ivar Lovaas in 1982. And that means for nearly 40 years, we’ve learned quite a bit—and that’s something to Celebrate 🥳

We’ve learned to include and embrace—we’ve learned to love and and diversify!

So—being diagnosed is something to Celebrate. like most, it’s been an exhilarating Journey with the “melt downs” (behaviors) and the tantrums, coupled with the “incessant need“ to do something—it was all for a purpose and a reason


This next path along yours and their Journey is all about learning and understanding. Some days you may learn something new, while others may “make more sense”.

Even as adults, our Clients continue to share how they learn and display emotion. At Omega Health Services, premier in advocation and showcasing our Clients unique Abilities to add value and benefit to the Employer’s organization.

As we quickly venture into the Month of May, and recognize and reflect on it‘s meaning, I encourage you to continue in celebration in diversity and inclusion, as we continue to form a New World where ALL are treated equally.

For more information on how Omega Health Services can assist your family or loved one, please visit us at OmegaJourney.Org or our Facebook Page, @OmegaCares

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