Neurotypical or Neurodivergent?

In a time and space where who and what we are matters, here’s how you can make a difference, today!

Neurotypical or “NT” are those who fall within the more dominant category of or societal standards for Normal, although it isn’t synonymous with non-autistic. NT can be used as a adjective or a noun. ex. “He’s a Nuerotypical” or “He’s Neurotypical”.

Neurodivergent “ND” however, is the complete opposite of Neurotypical. Neurodivergent means having a brain that functions in ways that diverge significantly from the dominant societal standards of “normal“.

Both Neurotypicality and Neirodivergence are represented (among other places and spaces) within the Neurodiversity Paradigm in where all parties collaborate—and the advocation and education function is widely considered, The Neurodiversity Movement!

Why Does It Matter?

In a World 🌍 where Identity and Voice are the new guiding force to change, it’s important we understand how we can best help and support such a noble and worthy cause. NT and ND alike, we all can share in the responsibility of raising awareness and advocating by incorporating a few of a the following steps:

  1. Use the proper terminology—paying common respect and courtesy, and addressing persons as they indicate
  2. Listening to Hear, not to be Heard—Be open to truly understanding the needs of our community members.
  3. Disability Employment—is your employer Disability Friendly? If not, we should talk!!
  4. Advocate&Educate—Knowledge is power and the more we know, the more we grow. Take time to learn more about the Neurodiversity Movement and how to get involved.

As we Journey through these uncharted waters, I encourage you to engage and empower someone today. We have the power to change the World around us! Learn More Here

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You can make a difference today!

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