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who we are

-what makes us unique 

Our Mission is to positively Impact our Clients, Empower our Employees, and Grow the Community to better shape our future.  Omega Health Services aims to provide top-level care and person-centered care  to our Customers, Client’s and Employees.

Founded in 2019, Omega Health Services is a premier provider of Supported Employment services, organically serving  the most vulnerable populations in Virginia and West Virginia.    As a premier healthcare agency, Omega Health Services creates and fosters engaging learning environments, person-centered accuracy, and top quality care.

Omega Health was founded with the purpose of creating an atmosphere that embraces diversity. Our Call to Action is simple. To put our employees first and be an advocate for disability acceptance, inclusion, and empowerment.  With our employee-first operating systems, we pay our employees livable and desirable wages that creates an environment in which we can learn and grow. Choosing Omega Health to be of service to you, empowers us to be of greater service to the community and remain a constant in the lives of so many.

Our Government Partners
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